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Developed specifically for businesses that operate with both Mac and Windows systems, POSIM EVO brings all the point-of-sale and inventory management features a retail business needs to operate efficiently and profitably. Combined with POSIM’s industry-leading iPad and iPhone apps, business-specific add-on modules for eCommerce, multiple stores and credit card processing, cutting-edge retail stores can now more effectively manage sales from behind the counter – and beyond.

POSIM’s mobile point of sale app allows users to connect an iPad, iPhone, or iPod to a POSIM EVO database – providing users the ability to process sales and control inventory while on the move.

Integrated eCommerce simplifies the launch and ongoing maintenance of inventory and online sales.

Independent retailers with multiple-store environments can now manage the flow of critical information between the individual store databases and a central database with POSIM EVO’s MulitiSite functionality.

Create professional email campaigns using online resources. POSIM’s Marketing Link is the perfect solution for someone who wants to increase sales and target customer behavior.

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Inventory Management

Managing your inventory has never been easier. Stay on top of your business with purchasing and receiving including: auto purchasing assistance, vendors, transfers, custom barcode label printing, serialized inventory, case lots, bundles, kits, built-in physical inventory, styles (matrix) and more!

Point of Sale

Invoicing that includes sales, returns, voids, special orders, layaways, drop shipments, suspended transactions, salesperson tracking, divisions, multiple payment options, till reconciliation, advanced taxing, trackable freight, gift cards, fast customer entry, sales prompts, cheat sheet, plus a gazillion discount options!

Customer Tracking

Keep your customers coming back with a rewards and loyalty program, targeted marketing, memberships, preferred pricing, price codes, special orders and drop shipments. Make your life easier with an assigned sales representative, optional stored credit cards, best-customer reporting, tax preferences, and clerk notifications.

Recurring Billing & AR

Automate your monthly recurring billing with templates, custom items and pricing on a per customer basis. Extend terms to your customers and track their balances and payments — all in the same system. Save hours of your time with reporting, statements, and the ability to charge interest.

Custom Reporting

POSIM EVO has no shortage when it comes to reports. You can choose from our many “built-in” reports with custom options, including filtering and grouping. Or you can go a step further with the define-a-report feature. This powerful tool allows you to build customized reports on any area of the database, with an easy-to-use interface.

Time Clock

You no longer need to use or pay for third-party software that only manages your time clock. With POSIM EVO, the time clock is built-in to the pos system at no additional cost! Employees can clock in and out and you can track benefit hours, see at-a-glance who is and isn’t in, plus view payroll reports and more!

Solutions for Businesses, Solutions for People

POSIM software is fully customizable to your business – you pick the level of support you need. Do you need an inventory system that’s mobile? We can do that. Do you need an eCommerce site and a gift card solution for multiple retail locations? We can do that too. We’ve helped start-ups from the ground up (including hardware setup) and helped established businesses move successfully into the online space. And we provide ongoing support and training for all aspects of our software.