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How to setup an Auto Backup for POSIM EVO on Mac

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These steps must be completed on the POSIM EVO server machine

1.   Click HERE to download the Backup Utility for Mac

2.   Unzip the download and you will see two files. “EVO Backup” and “EVO Backup Silent”

3.   Double Click on “EVO Backup” and you will see the following


4.   Click “Backup” and you will see the following


5.   Choose a backup location and press Save. We recommend saving backups to an external hard drive. When the backup completes you will see the following


6.   Click OK and your first backup is complete



Setting up the Auto Backup

1.   Open iCal. (Applications>iCal)

2.   Double Click on a day and you should see the following

Mac iCal1


3.   Complete the following:

  • Change the event name to POSIM EVO BACKUP
  • Set the “From” time to the time you want POSIM EVO to backup
  • Set the Repeat to “Every Day”
  • Set the Alarm to “Open File”
  • Change the file to open to “Other” and locate “EVO Backup Silent” then click “Select”
  • When those are done you should see the following

Mac iCal2


4.   Click Done and the schedule is complete


NOTE: It has come to our attention in testing that MAC OS Time Machine/Time Capsule backup method is not backing up the POSIM Database when MYSQL is running. This is because the database file is “in use” and cannot be copied. So customers that use Time Machine as their only backup method are at risk. The above backup method has been tested & works great. Using the iCal backup in conjunction with Time Machine has proved to be the best option. Another main concern is the backup files are being saved in the same building and even worse on the same computer as the server. For backups to be most protected the database needs to be taken off site, which means taking it home on an external hard drive daily or using an online backup service.