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Create powerful, targeted customer communications through email marketing using the data in pos systems. Simple integration utilizes transaction data from POSIM EVO to power professional, individualized email campaigns.

Up-to-date customer data flows directly from POSIM point of sale software to email campaigns. Create campaigns around business goals and specific customer communication needs and preferences.


EVO MailChimp Tutorial Teaser from POSIM pos software on Vimeo.



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Email marketing integration automatically communicates transaction data from point of sale systems to your email marketing provider.

  • Create emails for purchase history, promotions, events and rewards programs.
  • Segment lists within the platform for customer groups. Example: Send new item emails to specific groups who have purchased similar items.


POSIM transfers up-to-date data to Marketing Link continuously, allowing communications to target specific buying behavior or customer information on an ongoing basis.

  • Customer data is automatically added to targeted groups.
  • Add forward to a friend on emails to increase target market. Example: Send automated thank you messages to customers who purchase more than $30. The ease of Marketing Link provides new transaction data daily.


Use variable data to individualize email campaigns.

  • Examples: Send a customer a birthday coupon or use the customer’s first name in the subject line. According to Hubspot, “Click through rate is higher when using the recipient’s first name”.


Marketing platforms are designed for simplicity, ease of use and eliminates the need for a designer.

  • Easily brand emails with company identity using logo, color and specific content.
  • Quickly create emails by choosing from a wide variety of templates.
  • Easily use social media buttons and add-ons to increase overall campaign effectiveness.


Track your online efforts and compare results.

  • Create reports to determine click through and open rates.
  • View list growth over time and by location. Example: Review results to help improve email campaigns moving forward.

Pricing Options

POS software users can easily start using email marketing integration through POSIM EVO. Currently, we integrate with MailChimp and Tailored Response. To integrate your EVO database with email marketing, please email a POSIM Sales Representative or call toll free 800.409.7678.


for Mail Chimp

MailChimp provides email marketing services.

  • Marketing Link for MailChimp starts at $29.95 per month*.
  • POSIM EVO Basic and Core users pay a one-time $199 Marketing Link license fee.
  • Marketing Link is an included feature with POSIM EVO Pro.

*MailChimp pricing is based on the number of email addresses in your MailChimp database. Emails are unlimited and the first 2,000 addresses in the database are free.


for Tailored Response

Tailored Response provides both email and postcard marketing services.

  • Marketing Link for Tailored Response starts at $49.95 per month.
  • POSIM Premier, Diamond and EVO Basic and Core users pay a one-time $499 Marketing Link license fee.
  • Marketing Link is an included feature in EVO Pro.*

*Tailored Response email marketing subscription levels are based on the current number of active customers in your database. Emails are unlimited. Pricing for print marketing available on request.

Tailored Response