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Point of Sale

POSIM EVO is a point of sale and inventory management software suite that has evolved beyond simple inventory and sales control into a true total retail solution.

With POSIM EVO, retailers can manage their eCommerce site, perform in-store and remote mobile functions, connect to other locations via our MultiSite software, connect with customers through email marketing, perform administrative tasks, and much more – all through a single intuitive interface.

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Fully Customizable

With three levels to choose from, everyone can find the perfect fit for their business, at the perfect price. Upgrading your POSIM EVO software as your business grows is always an option, so you can rest assured your Point of Sale software will grow with you.

POSIM EVO will run on either Mac or Windows operating systems, with flexibility to mix and match hardware and operating systems within our published system requirements. Do you love your iPhone but prefer Windows operating systems? Do you like the design of an iMac for the front counter but would prefer to have a Windows machine in your back office? All these scenarios are possible with POSIM EVO.

If you’re interested in upgrading your current POSIM software (Diamond or Premier), check out some important information to help with the transition process.

Faster Than the Speed of Light

Three different invoices allow for individual selling strategies to funnel sales through fast and efficiently. Use the touch invoice for fast paced registers, the retail invoice for customer tracking, and the order invoice for shipping and order entry.

Get the Sale

Don’t let customers leave without making the sale. Use special orders for items out of stock, or layaways when cash flow is an issue. Take deposits to secure the transaction. Accept multiple tender types if needed to finish the deal.

Throw Away Your Calculator

POSIM EVO automatically calculates all prices. Use Date-to-Date pricing to schedule a sale (including group discounts and ‘buy-1-get-1′ offers). Setup customer specific discounts or just add quick discounts on the fly.

More Than Just Retail

POSIM EVO can help you sell and track labor, services, shipping, and classes. Orders and invoices can be stored in different folders to make searching easy.

Inventory Management

Take control of your inventory by tracking all the details, including pictures, departments, categories and more. Perform simple shelf maintenance or update item pictures using our iPOSIM mobile app.

Get the Digits

Store multiple Item UPCs, print barcode labels, and keep track of serial numbers.

Show Your Style

The style grid is perfect for item groups such as clothing in sizes or colors. You can order and sell directly from the style grid.

Physical Inventory

Physical inventory is easy. Count your items, compare the reports (while still selling), make changes, and finalize the numbers.

Pull it Together

Sell more by building kits or bundling groups of items together. Prompt for suggested sales, or create component lists.

Reporting Capabilities

We have many reports to choose from to help you find the data needed to make smart business choices. If you can’t find what you need in our built-in reports, build what you need through our Define-a-Report feature.

Best Seller

See your most popular items. This also doubles as the “worst seller” to show you which items should be on clearance.

Best Customer

See who’s been buying (and what they’re buying). You can also create mailing lists from this data.

Sales Report

See your item sales, sales values, and margins.

Accounting Functions

POSIM EVO integrates with several accounting packages to help minimize the work. It summarizes the accounting data found in POSIM and prepares it for the accounting package. The information is transferred through imports, then debits and credits are automatically made to the proper accounts. POSIM EVO integrates with QuickBooks, AccountEdge, MultiLedger, and Sage Accounting.


Information is transferred through reports called “Journals,” that can be imported at any time. We recommend that this is performed consistently.

  • General Journal – Summarizes sales transactions and is typically used to process each deposit occurrence to ensure they match.
  • Purchase Journal – Summarizes the received purchase orders and makes entries into Accounts Payable. Checks can then be issued for received orders.

Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing automates the process of posting batches of invoices. This feature is the perfect fit for retailers who bill customers regularly for products they sell or services they provide. Recurring Billing is ideal for customers who have a “product of the month club”, or process monthly payments for subscriptions or membership fees.

Online Backups

POSIM EVO’s online backup service is offered through Backblaze. Backblaze works in conjunction with POSIM EVO’s automated backup process.

Backup Everything

Your POSIM EVO database and everything on your computer except your operating system, applications, and temporary files.

Backup Online

Whether directly connected or over WiFi, if you are connected to the Internet, you are backing up.

Backup Continuously

As files change, Backblaze backs them up. Choose your interval – continuous, periodic, or manual.

Backup Securely

Your data is encrypted on your computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted.

Backup Fast

Ensures no slowdown of your computer, and includes an automatic throttle that most efficiently uses your Internet connection.

Backblaze Mobile

Through a free mobile app you can access, download, experience and share your files stored with Backblaze.

To order POSIM EVO online backup, powered by Backblaze, and ensure successful installation, contact us at 800.409.7678.

Pricing Options


$995 first terminal

$300 each add’l terminal

  • PayStream – required to process with National Merchant Alliance Accounting Interface
  • Barcode Labels
  • Basic Item Card
  • Customers
  • Dynamic Report
  • Gift Cards
  • Importing / Exporting
  • Invoice
  • Layaways
  • MailChimp Marketing Integration*
  • Market Analysis
  • Physical Inventory
  • POS (touch)
  • Price Codes (Discounting)
  • Purchasing
  • Quick Add Items
  • Receiving
  • Reports
  • Reward Points
  • Serial Numbers
  • Special Orders
  • Till Management
  • Transfers
  • Vendors

* Linker setup and monthly subscription fee applies.


$1695 first terminal

$350 each add’l terminal

  • All Basic features
  • PayStream
  • Advanced Tax
  • Barcode Designer
  • Core Invoice
  • Core Item Card
  • Date-to-Date Discounting
  • Define-A-Report
  • Drop Shipments
  • Employee Tracking
  • Item Grid View
  • Kit Builder
  • MailChimp Marketing Integration*
  • Privileges
  • Purchase Order Wizard
  • Quantity Discounting
  • Return to Vendors
  • Styles
  • Time Clock
  • Work Order & Quote Management

* Linker Setup and monthly subscription fee applies.


$2395 first terminal

$400 each add’l terminal

  • All Basic Features
  • All Core Features
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Event Manager
  • Order Entry Invoice
  • PayStream
  • Recurring Billing
  • Marketing Link – Free Linker Setup & Installation*

* Monthly subscription fee applies.