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POSIM EVO System Requirements for Windows

Operating Systems
     - Windows Vista - 64 Bit
     - Windows 7 - 64 Bit
     - Windows 8* - 64 Bit

CPU Speed
     - 2.0 GHz Dual Core 64 Bit minimum 

     - 4 GB minimum

Hard Drive
     - 15 GB free

Monitor Resolution
     - 1024 x 768 minimum

Backup Method
     - Onsite and Offsite backups

     - Wired LAN suggested, wireless LAN will be slower and less reliable.
     - Click here for remote database connection options.

     - High Speed Internet required for credit card processing and remote assistance.

Required Software
     - Java version 1.6 or greater (Link)
     - .NET Framework version 2.0 or greater (Link)
     - MySQL version 5.1 (server only, Included with EVO)

Supported Hardware
     - USB Star TSP 100 or 600
     - USB Zebra 2824 Barcode Printer
     - USB APG or MS Cash Drawer
     - Star Interface APG or MS Cash Drawer
     - Any USB Invoice Printer (8.5 x 11)
     - Any USB Barcode Scanner
     - Any USB Credit Card Scanner (Track 2)

     *1. Microsoft released two versions of Windows on Oct 26th 2012. One is Windows 8 and the other is Windows RT. Windows RT is the tablet only version of Windows, so POSIM EVO will NOT run on Windows RT. However it will run on Windows 8.
     *2. Windows 8 adds a new feature called SmartScreen which is designed to reduce malicious software by displaying a warning when 'unrecognized' software is installed. Microsoft keeps track of applications that are frequently installed. As soon as POSIM EVO is on the 'safe-list' this warning will no longer show up. For now you will need to click "More Info" then "Run Anyway" to install POSIM EVO.

Note on Server OS: For our software, a Server OS it not needed. For this reason, we do not specifically test any Server OS. We believe they should still work fine, but they are not supported. 
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