POSIM EVO Development Change Log (Archive)

This article will show what changes have been made to past versions of POSIM EVO.

Version 1.5.32 - 29 Apr 2014

DB Version: 564.03

iPOSIM Version: 3.1

EVO Enhancements:

  1. Added a new feature called Recurring Billing.

    1. With Recurring Billing you can automate the process of posting batches of invoices. This feature is very handy if you bill periodically for products or services. For example if you offer a "product of the month" club, or payment for monthly subscriptions. This is a Pro feature. Click here for documentation.

  2. Added a new Email Marketing integration to MailChimp.

    1. MailChimp is a third party email marketing provider. With their service you can send marketing emails and schedule recurring campaigns. Click here for the documentation.

  3. Added a new feature called Market Analysis.

    1. This will be used to survey your customers at check out. Its main purpose is to help make sure your advertising efforts have been beneficial. Click here for documentation.

  4. Added the ability to import Serial Numbers. See tech support for assistance.

  5. Events can now be purchased through the Magento linker and have the attendee registered.

  6. Added the ability to sort the PO Wizard.

  7. Many updates to the EVO documentation website. Click the “?” on the top of any card to view the new documentation.

    1. Better organized content

    2. PDF download option

    3. Many updated screenshots

    4. Mobile/Tablet friendly

EVO Changes:

  1. Fixed an issue where price code could not calculate a price above current price.

  2. Fixed a very rare issue with Discover cards being identified as AMEX.

  3. Fixed an issue where EVO would freeze when doing a return without proper privileges. 

  4. Fixed the Tracking Number to download as a comment with the Magento linker. 

  5. Added the ability to filter on the PO Expire date with the On Order report. 

  6. Fixed an issue when you modify a Closed RL it was not immediately updating the Item On Hand.

  7. Fixed an issue when you void a Closed Invoice it was not immediately updating the Item On Hand.

  8. Added Row Label and Column Label to the import manager.

  9. Fixed the issue where Avg Cost was not being set immediately when adding vendor cost to a new item.

  10. When imported a saved DAR it will now display the saved date range selection.

  11. Fixed the customer phone number format in the contacts panel of the customer card. 

  12. When updating Physical Inventory reports it will show the report type on the Closed Transfer Card.

  13. Fixed some cosmetic issues with the Gift Receipt preferences.

  14. Fixed an issue where Last and Avg cost were not being updated when the line item “U” column was not checked on a PO and RL. 

  15. Added some more informational columns to the Auto Order Special Order details window.

  16. Added a new “Demo” option on the installer to help those installing for the first time. This option works the same as selecting “Server”.

  17. Fixed some rounding issues on the printed invoice when using more than 3 decimals for the price.

  18. The Magento linker can now download orders that do not have a shipping address.

  19. Added the Available quantity to the Item Card Advanced search window.

  20. The Open Transfer now opens to a blank card and will only assign an ID when something is modified.

  21. Fixed a rare issue where the ending tills would be out of balance when using invoice dollar discounts.

  22. Fixed a few issue with AccountEdge/MYOB Purchase Journal Export.

    1. Renamed MYOB to AccountEdge.

    2. Added AccountEdge Canada Export.

    3. AccountEdge Export no longer exports the Accounts Payable account since it is auto generated.

  23. You can now add Style Masters to the web category. (1.5.22)

  24. Fixed the grouped dates showing on the Item Card History tab. (1.5.22)

  25. Fixed some issues with the Magento linker and Hold Inventory. (1.5.22)

  26. Fixed an issue with Printing Credit Card Vouchers when there is an issue with PayStream. (1.5.22)

  27. Fixed an error when loading a very large amount of items into the PO Wizard. (1.5.22)

  28. Fixed the PO Wizard to use the next PO Number in the sequence from preferences. (1.5.23)

  29. Fixed a refresh issue with the PO Dates and Transaction Numbering. (1.5.23)

  30. Prevent an issue where the same invoice gets posted multiple times. (1.5.24)

  31. Added the ability to import items into the Web Category. (1.5.24)

  32. Removed the “Out of Stock” field from the item card. It was not used. (1.5.24)

  33. Improved Magento Web Category Syncing. (1.5.24)

  34. The Magento linker will now automatically add new item attributes. (1.5.24)

  35. Improved Item Image upload to Magento. (1.5.24)

  36. The Magento linker will now download “Processing” orders as Open Invoices. And the linker will only download “Complete” orders if you have the option “Save Orders as Closed Invoices” enabled. (1.5.24)

  37. Fixed limit of 5500 Magento Item upload. (1.5.27)

  38. Several other Magento Linker issues. (1.5.27)

  39. Brought back the Out of Stock message box on the item card for Product Cart users. (1.5.29)

  40. Fixed a rare issue where the unique computer ID could not generate. (1.5.29)

  41. Fixed some potential sales tax issues when multiple computers are posting at the same time. (1.5.30)

  42. Fixed some issues with Magento Guest Checkout. (1.5.31)

  43. Added a more convenient way to add items to a magento web category. On the Item Card Web tab click the Web Category button. (1.5.32)

  44. Several other miscellaneous fixes

EVO MultiSite Changes:

  1. When posting a transfer and the internet is down it will display a warning that the transfer could not load to the central database and give you the option to try again.

  2. The top of the EVO Navigator will now display the store name to make it easier to identify which location is being used.

  3. The Sales Prompt Method is now being sent with the Sales Prompt on the Item Card.

  4. The Received By field on the transfer card is no longer being sent with the transfer. This allows the receiving end to enter the correct Received by person and use the requirement preferences.

  5. When using the Magento eCommerce linker and MultiSite, Item Quantities will now upload the sum of all sites. (enabled with a preference)

Changes in 1.4.95 - 12 Nov 2013

EVO Enhancements

  1. Added the ability to select the contact fields you can see under the contacts tab on the customer card. Right Click > Select Columns.

  2. Added some additional customer information columns to the Best Customer Report utility.

  3. You can now add manual time clock entries down to the second.

  4. Added new general preference to print the entire Gift Card number on invoices and receipts.

  5. Added the ability to import Gift Card balances. See tech support for assistance.

  6. Added the ability to import AR Balances. See tech support for assistance.

  7. Added an option to not print the AR balance on Invoices and Receipts. (General Prefs>Accounts Receivable)

  8. Added an Invoice ID barcode to all the Invoice Printouts.

  9. Added a new “Sales Orders” data source in Define A Report which will report on Working Invoices.

  10. Added the Misc1-12 fields to the Customer Card advanced search.

  11. Added the contact Birthday to Quick Add customer on the invoice.

  12. Added the Payment Methods to the available columns on the Closed Invoice data source in Define A Report

  13. Added a new option to choose if you want to print the Addl. Description on Receipts.

  14. Added the “Other 1-3” methods of payments to the list of options on an AR Batch.

EVO MultiSite Enhancements:

  1. Added the ability to create an outgoing Open Transfer from a Closed Receiving Log.

    1. This is the method of Centralized Purchasing where one site can order and receive merchandise, then quickly create a transfer card to send the merchandise out to another site.

    2. How to use: From the Closed RL, right click the item lines and select “Create outgoing transfer” This will create an Open Transfer with opposite quantities for all the lines on the RL. For example if you are receiving in a qty of 2 it will set the Transfer to have a qty of -2. Then select the destination site, make any other changes as needed, and post the transfer.

  2. Added the ability to see “Site Items” from the invoice.

    1. When you add an item to the invoice. Just double click a non-editable column to display the “Item Details” window from here you can see the site items information.

  3. Added a privilege to block a user from modifying the “Send All Changes...” check box on the item card.

  4. Made some fields on the Vendor Card “Non-Common”: Vendor Acct No, Alternate Acct No, Ship Via, & Terms.

EVO Changes

  1. Added the Remaining Cost Total to the Working PO

  2. Improvements to the Turn Ratio report.

    1. Fixed the group total (when grouping).

    2. To improve performance and accuracy we removed the comparative columns.

    3. Added a new column called “Avg Inventory Qty” to help when manually calculating the turn ratio.

  1. Fixed the ability to remove a UPC from an Item Card.

  2. Added a new data source in Define A Report to see multiple UPCs for an item.

  3. Fixed a totaling issue on the AR Transaction report.

  4. Fixed a PO printing issue with Case Lots.

  5. Fixed an On Hand and Available issue with doing a Return To Vendor and then Return to Inventory.

  6. Fixed an On Hand and Available issue when Holding Inventory on a Working Invoice.

  7. Added the ability to include Inactive items on the Bestseller Report.

  8. Added new general preferences to require the clerk to fill out more fields on the Transfer card.

  9. Added several new columns to the Dynamic Management Report.

  10. Added the ability to remove saved builder templates. (Kits Builder)

  11. Removed the Vendor Name column on the On Hand report to make more room for the SKU.

  12. Added some Web fields to the Item Card advanced search.

  13. Fixed the issue where you could not make a Style without auto UPC being enabled.

  14. Fixed the the sales report to show the cost of a sold bundle.

  15. Fixed a rare case when the Purchase Order data source in Define A Report would show the wrong qty.

  16. Added the “Last Updated” date and time to the Ending Tills statistics.

  17. Fixed the Transfer Card print out when using fractional items.

  18. Fixed an issue where Closed Transfer lines could manually be deleted.

  19. Fixed a couple rare issues with GC Link not adjusting the gift card balance when voiding an invoice.

  20. Fixed a rare issue with how Net Sales was calculated on Ending Tills.

  21. Added the ability to export the Physical Inventory reports to Excel.

  22. Fixed some QTY and printing issues when Transferring Style cards.

  23. Added the PO Total as a column on the advanced search.

  24. Fixed some issues with database online and manual authorization.

  25. You can now customize the list of columns on the Transfer Card. Right click an item and choose ‘Select Fields’

  26. Fixed some barcode label printing issues on Windows. You can now print labels larger than 4 inches.

  27. Fixed some issues with the PO Wizard adding to existing POs.

  28. If you don't have the privilege to discount an invoice you can now add a positive Misc transaction.

  29. Fixed the way Tagalong and Suggested Sales items are calculated in Physical Inventory. It no longer adjusts the inventory for the component items.

  30. Freight is no longer being added to the subtotal amount on printed Invoices.

  31. Fixed the total and subtotal for case lots on the printed Purchase Order.

  32. Fixed how Special Order and Layaway QTYs showed in the “Sales” data source in Define A Report.

  33. Fixed the included Java installer on Windows 64 bit computers.

  34. Fixed an issue where PO Wizard was putting items on the PO with zero qty. (1.4.71)

  35. Fixed the prompt on the invoice when an item is scanned, but it is not found. You need to press escape to close that prompt. (1.4.71)

  36. Fixed and enhanced the warning prompt on the invoice when the item is out of stock. (1.4.71)

  37. Fixed an issue with physical inventory when counting items marked as tagalong. (1.4.72)

  38. Fixed some issues with how available was being calculated when holding inventory. (1.4.77)

  39. Added a new style conversion utility that will let you convert regular items in style items. (1.4.78)

  40. Fixed the Open Transfer to auto total as you add/update items. (1.4.80)

  41. Added a new eCommerce option to choose if you want to sync the item web description. (1.4.84)

  42. Added a new eCommerce feature that allows you to set the item web categories. (1.4.90)

  43. Fixed some rare issues with how Styles uploaded to Magento eCommerce. (1.4.92)

  44. Enhancement to the Retail Invoice to prevent lines from being overwritten. (1.4.95)
  45. Several other miscellaneous fixes

Changes in 1.4.20 - Feb 7, 2013

Important Notices:

1. This update of EVO will require a new authorization code. An active support plan is required to obtain a new authorization code. Software without valid authorization will expire after 30 days.

2. The Magento Linker will now remove products from the website that are not currently in EVO. So, if any products are not in EVO, then make sure you correct that before running the linker.


  1. The EVO Installer and Application is now code signed to be compatible with Windows 8. However, Windows 8 adds a new feature called SmartScreen which is designed to reduce malicious software by displaying a warning when ‘unrecognized’ software is installed. Microsoft keeps track of applications that are frequently installed. As soon as POSIM EVO is on the 'safe-list' this warning will no longer show up. For now you will need to click "More Info" then "Run Anyway" to install POSIM EVO.
    1. NOTE 1: As always, we will support the three most recent operating systems for Mac and Windows. With the release of Windows 8 we will no longer be supporting Windows XP. Please review our updated Windows System Requirements (Link).
    2. NOTE 2: Microsoft released two versions of Windows on Oct 26th 2012. One is Windows 8 and the other is Windows RT. Windows RT is the tablet only version of Windows, so POSIM EVO will NOT run on Window RT. However it will run on Windows 8.
  2. You can now mark an individual invoice line as non-taxed. Steps below:
    1. Click the blue “Tax” link on the invoice or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+T.
    2. Check or Uncheck the taxable box for the item line(s). You may also use the spacebar to toggle.
    3. Click OK or press enter.
    4. Finally, select a tax exempt reason code from the list.
  3. Enhancement to the Load Item advanced search window on Transactions (Invoice, PO, Etc)
    1. The load item advanced search window will stay open until it is manually closed. This will allow you to quickly add and search for multiple items without reopening the window every time.
    2. You can now select multiple items in a range at one time. Click the first item then press shift on your keyboard and click the last item. It will select all the items in the range and you press “Add” to put all those item onto the transaction.
  4. Some enhancements to the Label Queue.
    1. The columns on the Label queue are now sortable.
    2. You can now temporarily change the label type for an item in the Label Print Queue. Just click the “Label” column and select the new type of label. NOTE: Changing the label here does not change the default label type.
    3. You can now add items to the label queue by the Vendor SKU. NOTE: If you have multiple items with the same Vendor SKU you will still need to use the search button to see multiple items.
    4. Added a shortcut link to access the Label Queue under Administration.
    5. The check box “Print Qty On Hand” will now set the copies to 0 if the on hand is less than or equal to 0.
  5. Added a new field on the item card for “Location” this is used to specify the location of the item in your store.
  6. Added a new preference to require a serial number on incoming item transactions. (Go to Administration>General Preferences>Serial Numbers Tab)
  7. Added a new preference to set a default Item Category. So when you add new items it will assign the item the default category. (Go to Administration>General Preferences>Auto ID Numbering)
  8. EVO now prints the AR balance on receipts and invoices whenever the customer uses On Account as the payment method or they make a payment On Account.


  1. Added the PO “Type” to the filter and grouping for the On Order Report.
  2. Fixed the Auto UPC box (In Gen Prefs) to only allow up to 20 characters.
  3. Fixed an issue on the RL when receiving serialized items. It will now bring the Vendor Invoice ID, Ship & Receive Date, and Received by to the serial number screen.
  4. Fixed an issue with the Customer sales rep being updated on the invoice when a customer is added.
  5. The Item UPC is now correctly shown on the Open and Closed RL.
  6. The Quick Add item no longer adds a blank item when pressing done.
  7. We have added the item description to the Unidentified Items report in Physical Inventory. (When Include Context is selected.)
  8. We have added the Min Order Qty (MOQ) to the list of columns on the PO Wizard.
  9. Fixed an issue with doing an Item Qty Adjustment from the Style Master card.
  10. When you clear an invoice it will now correctly update to the default tax district.
  11. Added a link to the customer card from the Touch Screen Invoice.
  12. In the Advanced Search window the “Wildcard Rule” will now remember what you had selected last.
  13. Added a link to the Item Card from the Serial Number Card. Click the “Item Sku” link.
  14. Added a timestamp to the Invoice right under the date.
  15. Fixed an issue with the date printing on the Cash In/Out receipt.
  16. Improved the Cheat Sheet performance with a large amount of items with images.
  17. Added the option to show or hide inactive items on the Vendor card item button.
  18. You can now print an invoice when only charging freight.
  19. Fixed an issue with the Layaway utility showing the correct deposit when multiple deposits are made.
  20. When checking the gift card balance, if the card is not found it will display a message.
  21. Add the customer info to the printed receipt when printing from an Open Invoice.
  22. Due to a Mac OS change we are not longer able to use (CTRL+F#) as shortcut keys. We have changed the shortcuts for the “Other” payment methods to (CTRL+ALT+F#)
  23. Added a message to the Style grid when trying to save when the UPC has more than 20 chars.
  24. Fixed an issue with printing the General Journal report on Mac
  25. You can now open the cash drawer from the Ending Tills window. Just press the F9 shortcut.
  26. Renamed the General Preferences “Web Services” tab to “Extensions” to minimize confusion.
  27. Fixed an issue where the Avg Cost was going to 0.00 when the Item Qty went from a negative number to zero.
  28. When you Reverse a closed invoice there is now a blank line ready to add more item to the invoice.
  29. Fixed the Gift Card report total alignment and added a total for the “original amount” column.
  30. Re-added the cancel button to the Quick Key payment screens.
  31. Fixed an issue with the pole display total when removing an item from the invoice.
  32. When adding a style to the invoice with the Style Master sku we now give you the option to specify a quantity for each Style Member.
  33. Improved the case lot item scan on a transfer card.
  34. Added the Bill-To Company Name to the Event Attendee list.
  35. When you import an Excel file into Physical Inventory or Import Manager, EVO will add “_IMPORTED” to the end of the file name so you know it was imported.
  36. Added the ability to save Define A Reports with an apostrophe in the name.
  37. Fixed several issues with the “Tax Included” option.
  38. When adding style members to the style grid we will now immediately warn when the SKU will be longer than 20 chars. This will make it easier to identify which row/col to correct.
  39. Added the Invoice Division to the list of preferences for Invoice Posting Requirements.
  40. On the Invoice Quick Customer Edit. We now have the “Update Customer Contact Record” check box sticky, so it will remember where you had it set last time.
  41. The “Warn when change exceeds” preference now works with credit card payment methods.
  42. The Manufacturer SKU now holds 30 characters instead of 20.
  43. Fixed a few things on the Dynamic Management Report.
    1. Added the “Our Retail” column from the item card.
    2. Fixed an issue with Inactive items showing 0 (zero) for On Hand.
    3. Fixed the sorting option.
  44. Fixed some Invoice navigation issues when pressing the arrow keys after posting an invoice.
  45. We now let you set the AR grace period higher than 9 days.
  46. Added line numbers to the following item tables; Invoice, Transfer, PO, RL.
  47. Added the Invoice PO number and Vendor ID to the Customer history tab.
  48. The PO now correctly uses the Min Order Qty from the Item. It will display a warning when trying to order less than the Min Order Qty.
  49. You can now change the price code for all items on an invoice at once. Use the shortcut Shift+F8.
  50. Added the Open Invoice ID to the Printed Invoice (8.5x11).
  51. Added a preference to hide the Signature line on the Printed Invoice (8.5x11).
  52. Fixed a few issues with the Invoice Lock function.
    1. The check box is no longer user specific. Any user can both lock and unlock any invoice.
    2. Fixed a rare issue where the check box was hidden.
    3. Fixed a rare issue where the check box would not allow to be clicked.
  53. When creating a new category card. The new default Min Price is fixed at 0.00.
  54. Fixed a cosmetic issue with the Middle Initial box on the Customer Card.
  55. Added a second decimal place to the Margin % and Markup (MU) on the item card.
  56. Added the Invoice Date to the printed Picking Ticket (8.5x11).
  57. In the advanced search for items. The “Show Style Options” check box is now sticky, so it will remember where you had it set last time.
  58. Added a privilege to access the connection window (Green Orb).
  59. Added the Date Created to the Vendors data source in Define A Report.
  60. On the Basic item card we switched the spot of Our Retail and Current Price so when the item is duplicated it is easier to keep those two prices consistent.
  61. Added the ‘Row’ and ‘Column’ to the On Hand report grouping and filter options.
  62. On the Transfer card, when an unrecognized SKU is added a warning is given before opening the Quick Add.
  63. On the Invoice you can now start typing the employee name in the salesperson drop down to find and select a salesperson.
  64. When printing a Working PO there is now a column for the Remaining Quantity.
  65. Added Margin and Markup (MU) to the list of columns on the Receiving Log.
  66. Added the Promised Date to the Printed Receipts.
  67. Added the Bill To Phone number to Printed Invoices.
  68. Fixed several cosmetic issues on the Printed Invoices.
  69. The Credit Card Voucher will now print when the invoice is a negative amount (returns).
  70. Added ‘Quantity’ to the Rank By options on the Best Seller Report.
  71. When using the Cleanup lines feature on the Invoice. Comments are no longer being combined or removed.
  72. Added the payment methods as columns on the Closed Invoice Advanced Search
  73. On the Item Card, the Misc 1-5 drop down lists will no longer populate with entries from inactive or deleted items cards.
  74. Added Web Attribute Set for Magento linkers
  75. Added an Item Quick Add button to the Retail Invoice view.
  76. The Working Invoice will once again only let you use a portion of the deposit for a partial shipment.
  77. Fixed a rare issue where the Invoice would freeze during posting when using a Pole Display.
  78. Fixed an issue where the date was not correctly set on the Closed Receiving Log when using the Post and Receive button. (1.4.14)
  79. Fixed an issue where the gift receipt did not print with the shortcut key. (1.4.14)
  80. Fixed some issues with the Auto SKU, UPC, and Customer ID values being deleted. (1.4.18)
  81. Fixed an issue with the Invoice contacts being saved as default contacts. (1.4.18)
  82. Fixed an issue with the AR Reports matching the balances on the customer card. (1.4.18)
  83. Fixed an issue where you could not refund a deposit for a layaway or special order. (1.4.18)
  84. Improved performance when posting an invoice with over 250,000 processed invoices. (1.4.19)
  85. Fixed issues with auto SKU and UPC when the next number starts with zero(s) (1.4.19)
  86. Fixed the UPC being set correctly with Style Members. (1.4.19)
  87. Fixed an issue with being able to set the Preferred Vendor on an Item. (1.4.19)
  88. Fixed a printing issue with Styles on the Working and Closed PO. (1.4.19)
  89. Fixed a printing issue with Invoice Quotes when there are multiple salespeople. (1.4.19)
  90. Fixed issues connecting to older versions of PayStream. (1.4.20)
  91. Several other minor fixes.
  92. Several other conversion fixes.

Changes in 1.3.69 - Aug 28, 2012

  1. Added support for Multi-Store Gift Cards (GC Link).
  2. Added support for Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Including compatibility with Gatekeeper.
    1. Note: As always, we will support the three most recent operating systems for Mac and Windows. With the release of Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) we will no longer be supporting Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). Please review our updated Mac System Requirements (Link).
  3. Enhancements to the process of printing Barcode Labels.
    1. Added a new computer preference to set the default label printer. When this is set, EVO will no longer prompt to ask for the label printer each time. Go to ‘Administration>Computer Prefs>Peripherals>Barcode Label Printer’ and select from the list of installed printers.
    2. Added a keyboard shortcut to the Item Card to quickly print a label. ‘CTRL+B’ will print one label for the item you are on. It will also bypass the label queue.
    3. There is no longer a system wide label queue (all computers adding to the same label queue). The label queue is now separated by employee login.
    4. If you have items with different label types on the label queue, EVO will pop up and ask to confirm the correct labels are in the label printer.
    5. Added a keyboard shortcut on the label queue. ‘CTRL+P’ will send the labels to the printer.
  4. Enhancements to the Dynamic Management Report.
    1. Improved Speed.
    2. Added the option to show all items or only items with sales.
  5. Enhancements to the Turn Ratio Report
    1. Improved Speed.
    2. Added the option to show all items or only items with sales.
  6. Enhancements to the Best Customer Report
    1. Improved Speed.
    2. This report now shows Misc, Labor and Non-Tracked item sales in the total.
    3. We now make sure the report has ran before allowing Print or Save to be selected.
  7. You can now add a comment to an item line on the Purchase Order. Right click on the item and select “Add / Edit Comment Line.” This comment with print right below on the item on the Purchase Order.
  8. Improved Define A Report performance by adding a “Preload Date Range Selector” to history based data sources. (Example: When you click on the Closed Invoice data source it will ask how far back you need data)

  1. When you duplicate an event, it will no longer bring over the attendees.
  2. You can now delete a line from the Open PO with the right click menu.
  3. The PO Total now refreshes when an item is removed.
  4. When using Suggested Sales, the transaction type is now correctly being pulled from the category.
  5. Fixed a critical error when setting the PO Exchange Rate to zero.
  6. On the Touch Screen invoice the images will update as you click on the item lines.
  7. The Basic Item Card now correctly limits the number of characters in the description.
  8. The Adjust button on a style master is now correctly using the default reason code.
  9. Fixed some issues with the “Print Qty On Hand” check box on the Label Queue.
  10. The Open Builder is now assigned the Doc ID when using a template.
  11. You can now print an item bar-code label with a dollar sign ($) in the description.
  12. Fixed an invoice navigation issue when the invoice is posted. Clicking the back button will now correctly go to the previous invoice.
  13. Fixed some cosmetic issues on the Event Card. Added web titles.
  14. Fixed an issue with date filters in Define A Report.
  15. When you uncheck “Use Rewards” the rest of the preference panel will gray out to avoid confusion.
  16. Time clock now inserts a colon (:) automatically when entering time.
  17. Fixed transfer card duplicate and added a “Reverse” option to the Closed Transfer.
  18. You can now add an item with an apostrophe (‘) to the Purchase Order
  19. Fixed the shortcut for reprinting the last closed invoice (CTRL+I).
  20. When adding items to the PO by Vendor SKU, it will only bring up the search window if there are multiple items with the same Vendor SKU
  21. On the Order Entry invoice we changed “QOH” to “Avail.” This will now show the item cards Available quantity instead of the Quantity On Hand.
  22. Added more serial number information to Define A Report.
  23. Fixed an issues with the Sales Prompt message coming up out of order when enrolling an event attendee.
  24. Fixed the Saved Report parameters screen to just show report name.
  25. Fixed the Purchase Order button on the Vendor card to show correctly when ordering Styles.
  26. Bundles now show on the Restocking Report.
  27. You can now add a comment to the Closed Invoice with a shortcut key: (CTRL+J).
  28. Added Tax preference on the Invoice Management report.
  29. When loading a saved report in Define A Report it now keeps the “Group By” selection correctly.
  30. Added the ability to sort the divisions on the invoice. Go to General Prefs>Invoice>Misc Tab. Click the division and then click Move up or Move down to sort.
  31. Added a new preference to disable the company name being auto-filled with the first and last name of the customer. Go to General Prefs>Customer>Check box “Auto-Fill Company Name”
  32. Fixed the multiple UPC window on the Item Card. You can now set the primary UPC again.
  33. The names of the “Other” payments will now print correctly on Ending Tills
  34. Fixed the discount keyboard shortcut (-) from bypassing privileges.
  35. Fixed the ‘Sales$ <=’ filter on the Best Customer Report.
  36. The Sales Report now only shows the Grand Total on the last page.
  37. Customer Reward points will now round correctly on the invoice. For example if a customers buys an item for $1.99 it will give 2 points.
  38. Fixed the Sales Tax Included option.
  39. Fixed the printed Physical Inventory Missing Items report when using spot inventory filters.
  40. Fixed a rare issue where the invoice would not ask for a credit card when using PayStream.
  41. Added the ability to open the cash drawer from the Cash In/Out utility.
  42. The printed Invoice documents now only shows the logo and header information on the first page.
  43. Fixed the links on the “Clerk Item Card.”
  44. Fixed the way bundles print on the Transfer card.
  45. Added an option for the PO Number to be required on the Order Entry Invoice.
  46. The Invoice PO Number now prints on the receipt.
  47. Fixed some cosmetic issues with the Tools menu.
  48. Fixed an issue with the Quick Add on a Purchase Order where the “Qty” field would not clear out.
  49. Fixed a rare issue on the sales report showing 0.00 for the Sales % of Total.
  50. Added the Date to Date Promo price to Define a Report.
  51. Fixed some issues with the invoice pricing if you manually changed a price code or added a customer after items were added. It will now refresh prices according to the customers price code.
  52. Fixed a reporting issue with using fractional split commission.
  53. To prevent errors we added a limit to the report grouping. (Max of 4)
  54. Removed the transactions and payments from Ending Tills that are not being used.
  55. You can now edit the Last and Average item cost from the Item Grid View. We also made it easier to edit those costs on the regular item card as well.
  56. Deleted items no longer show up in Define A Report.
  57. Fixed the Labor transaction type when using the Cheat Sheet.
  58. You can now import the Row and Column with Item Import Manager.
  59. Fixed a printing issue with a Case Lot item on a Transfer.
  60. The Company Name of the customer now prints on the receipt.
  61. The SubTotal transaction type now prints on the receipt.
  62. Fixed the filters on the Gift Card report.
  63. Several fixes to the reorder report to make it match the PO Wizard.
  64. Added the Customer First and Last name to the AR Statements.
  65. Updated the names of the Open, Working and Closed invoices to better reflect the view (Order, Retail, Touch).
  66. Added a “Reverse” button to the Tools menu on the Closed Invoice. This option will also bring the credit card number used to the new open invoice.
  67. When printing an Open Invoice to receipt paper the customer info is now printing.
  68. The layaway message is printing on the receipt again.
  69. When clicking on a style from the Working PO you will now be able to see the Remaining Qty.
  70. The Last Name of the salesperson no longer prints on Receipts or Invoices.
  71. Added the ability to open the cash drawer automatically for On Account, Debit, and Gift Card.
  72. Fixed an issue with the Retail Invoice locking up during the posting process.
  73. Fixed an issue with how bundles were printing on the transfer card.
  74. Change the Insufficient Qty to look at the “Available” amount instead of “On Hand”
  75. Added an auto save feature. Every 5 minutes EVO will automatically save every card you have open.
  76. Fixed an issue with Styles when setting the minimum price in the Style Grid.
  77. Fixed cosmetic issues on the item card when the employee privileges are set.
  78. When bypassing a credit card, we no longer force a credit card number.
  79. The Credit Card totals now print on the Credit Card Audit report.
  80. Fixed the “User Confirmation” credit card voucher print option.
  81. Added a contact middle initial field to the Customer and Vendor cards.
  82. Fixed the Vendor SKU lookup on the Open PO if there are multiple items with the same Vendor SKU.
  83. Fixed some cosmetic issues with the button icons at the bottom of the Open PO.
  84. Fixed the Layaway / Order Summary on the Invoices and Receipts.
  85. Fixed some issues with the Consolidate SKUs option on the Sales Report.
  86. Added grouping options to the Best Seller report.
  87. Ecommerce invoice downloads now mark the invoice to Hold Inventory. (Product Cart)
  88. Fixed an issue with the Qty Sold column on the Best Seller report. (1.3.64)
  89. Fixed an issue with giving store credit on a gift card. (1.3.64)
  90. Fixed an issue duplicating an item card. (1.3.64)
  91. Fixed a conversion issue where PO and RL lines were blank. (1.3.65)
  92. Improved performance for the Item and Serial Number data sources in Define a Report. (1.3.68)
  93. Fixed an error when running the Product Cart eCommerce Linker. (1.3.69)
  94. Several other minor fixes
  95. Several other conversion fixes

Fixed in 1.3.12 - Apr 25, 2012
  1. Fixed the connection to the VeriFone PinPad

Fixed in 1.3.10 - Apr 24, 2012

An active support contract is required to upgrade to this version. EVO will prompt for a new authorization code a few days after you update. 

  1. iPOSIM Sales Module! You can now process sales on your iOS device. Click here for more information.
  2. Added support for EVO to link to our New E-Commerce platform.

  1. Consolidated the “Images” section of General Preference. There is now only one Invoice logo etc.
  2. The invoice no longer assumes cash when the invoice balance is negative.
  3. Fixed a quantity issue with Special Orders when the invoice has multiple salespeople.
  4. Fixed a rare issue with the invoice rounding a penny on the printout.
  5. The “Print Labels” button the on the Open Receiving log will now just look at the received column. It will not pop up and ask for each item that has zero received.
  6. Fixed the date format for Ending Tills in Define A Report.
  7. Fixed some inconsistent receipt printing issues.
  8. We now allow HTML in the item Web Description. (Product Cart Linker)
  9. Fixed a rare issue where ending tills was out of balance due to tax rounding.
  10. Fixed a rare issue where unapproved time was showing on the Payroll report.
  11. Fixed an issue with Styles on a Receiving Log setting the Current Price to 0.00.

Fixed in 1.2.96 - Feb 22, 2012

  1. Fixed the credit card voucher printing alignment
  2. Fixed the issue with Style Members not getting the Vendor information from the Master

Fixed in 1.2.95 - Feb 21, 2012


This release adds a new “Email Defaults” preference which will allow you to setup a customized template for emailing documents. You will need to recreate your default email templates. Click
here for documentation.

  1. Added a new “Email Defaults” to system wide preference. This allows you to setup a customized template for use when emailing Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders, etc. Click here for documentation.
  2. Added “Vendor ID” to the On Hand and No Seller report filters.
  3. Add the “Location” and “Who” to the unidentified items report in Physical Inventory.
  4. Added a Total Remaining Qty to the Working PO.
  5. Added Grand totals to each of the Physical Inventory printed reports.
  6. Improved Physical Inventory responsiveness and performance.
  7. Improved the speed of the Weekly Status and Best Seller Reports.
  8. Added a new “Contacts” data source in Define A Report with customer contact data.

  1. The Customer Reward point reports now show manually adjusted points.
  2. Fixed the Best Seller report to show the rank number.
  3. Fixed an error when switching between saved Define a Reports.
  4. When importing physical inventory counts, EVO no longer looks for Vendor SKU.
  5. Fixed several issues with Pin Debit. EVO will monitor the status of the Pin Debit pad more consistently.
  6. The Avg cost now shows immediately when creating new items.
  7. Added pagination to the last page of the payroll report.
  8. Fixed an issue with Layaway/Spec Order where it was assuming cash instead of deposit.
  9. You can no longer remove a working invoice with the shortcut key.
  10. Import manager will now import 100 characters for the item web title.
  11. The Reward Coupon is no longer printing on the Gift Receipt.
  12. Fixed the Inactive check box on the Employee Card. Now an inactive employee will:
    1. Not show on the time clock status window.
    2. Not show on the salesperson list on the invoice.
    3. Not show on payroll/management reports.
    4. Not be allowed to clock-in or clock-out.
    5. Not be allowed to log-in to EVO.
  13. You can no longer remove an Employee Card with history. You can mark them as Inactive instead.
  14. The receipt is now correctly printing the invoice contact instead of the default contact.
  15. Fixed Hold Inventory check box on the Working Invoice.
  16. The Physical Inventory Key Entry screen now saves immediately after each item entry.
  17. Fixed the discount % showing receipts if discount is 100%.
  18. The Item and Customer history tabs now allow chronological date sorting.
  19. Fixed several conversion issues.
  20. Fixed an issue where partially received Styles would move to a Closed PO.

Fixed in 1.2.53 - Dec 13th 2011

1. Fixed an issue where the wrong tax amount was being saved when using the new "Auto Cleanup Lines" feature.

2. We no longer remove old Receiving Logs where the Vendor was removed.

3. Fixed slow navigation on PO and RL

Fixed in 1.2.47 - Dec 7th 2011

1. Fixed some printing issues with reports under Sales>Utilities
2. Fixed the following issues with the Style Grid:
     -When you adjust the width of the grid columns it will remain that size until the window is closed

     -Item Vendor information is updating again
     -If you have auto UPC enabled the Style members will grab the next UPC
3. Fixed a rare issue where Cash In/Out would be removed from the database

4. The SKU box on an invoice or PO will no longer clear out when typing a SKU with a hyphen
5. Items with negative on hand qtys are now being considered with Physical Inventory Missing Items
6. Itemized bundles now print the correct quantity on Packing Slips and Picking Ticket
7. Fixed a rare issue where the retail invoice would lock up
8. Conversions from our Legacy products now bring across ecommece item data
9. Added a new invoice cleanup feature to combine the same items on the invoice.
     -You can click “Cleanup” under the tools menu on the invoice

     -New preference (Administration>General Prefs>Invoice>Misc>”Auto Cleanup Lines”) If you check this box it will auto combine lines when the invoice Posts

10. Fixed an issue where the Vendor SKU and Cost were removed when using Quick Add on the Purchase Order
11. Added an icon to the Quick Add button on the Open Purchase Order
12. Caselot bar-codes will now correctly print the caselot UPC if it is mapped
13. Fixed some date formatting issues in Define A Report
14. Added a Remove button to the Open Transfer tools menu
15. You can now uncheck the “U” box for a style item on PO or RL
16. When you sell a bundle the cost is now showing correctly on a sales report
17. In Physical Inventory, you can now print the Unidentified items report with counted context
18. Added progress bars to Remote Sales exporting and importing
19. Fixed an issue where Working PO lines would be missing if you had the same PO open twice on the same computer.
20. Added a limit of 20 characters to the chart of accounts preference.
21. Updated help links to connect to our website. This will allow us to update the manual quicker.
22. Added several enhancements to the Dynamic Management report. More columns and sorting.
23. Department and Schedule are once again saving on the Employee Card
24. Style Members now print the UPC correctly on the barcode labels
25. Several serial number issues fixed
     -You can no longer transfer in or out the same serial number multiple times

     -The status now shows correctly on the item card

     -Printing a transfer with serial numbers will now print all the serial numbers

     -Added customer info to the serial number card

     -We will always print the serial number on the receipt/invoice (took off the preference)

     -You can now modify the serial number and comments from the item card

     -If you have serialized items as a bundle component it will ask for the serial number now

26. Fixed the On Order report for converted data to show correctly

Fixed in 1.2.29 - Oct 19th 2011

For better quality receipt logos we no longer scale the image to fit. This means that you will need to re-add a receipt header/footer that is not larger that 204 pixels wide.

Download our new iPhone and iPod Touch app called iPOSIM.
Click here for more information: www.posim.com/services/iposim/
Click here to download: http://goo.gl/VUG92

1. Added QR Barcode Support in the Label Designer.
2. You can now export and import barcode label designs under the Tools menu.
3. You can now edit the description of an item on the invoice. NOTE: When you change the description it will not change the actual item card. It will just be saved for that one invoice.
4. Added support in EVO for Mobile (iPOSIM) Seat connections and authorization.
5. Fixed some issues with the Physical Inventory missing items update with several thousand missing items.
6. For better quality receipt logos we no longer scale the image to fit. This means that you will need to re-add a receipt header/footer logo that is not larger that 204 pixels wide.
7. You can now adjust the current price of an item from a Receiving Log.
8. For better performance, when the item, customer and vendor cards are open the history tab no longer loads in the background. When you click on the history tab then it will gather the data.
9. The barcode on a gift receipt now prints when the shortcut (Ctrl+G) is used.
10. Fixed the totals on the Physical Inventory Variance report.
11. Fixed a rare issue that would allow a user to get past the access denied (privilege) screen.
12. Increased the print quality on the zebra label print on Mac.
13. Fixed the AR batch to allow Credit Card payments over 1000.00.
14. You can now add the Row & Col to the Style Member SKU. When making the Style choose “Options” and select “Append Row/Col To SKU”.
15. Improved the speed to load the “Sales” data source in Define A Report.
16. Removed POSIMServices to help increase performance and prevent rare data loss.
17. On Invoices and Receipts we changed “TOTAL PAID” to just say “TOTAL”

Fixed in - Sep 14th 2011


1. Added Privileges for all the icons under Sales>Utilities.
2. Fixed the cash drawer setup. Payment Method ‘Other 3’ is now an option to open the drawer.
3. Added Privileges for all the Reports in the reports window.
4. Fixed an issue with the PO Wizard calculating incorrectly when an item is on hold.
5. Fixed an issue updating the correct items in Physical Inventory when using spot inventory filters.
6. You can now import multiple UPCs for one item with the Import Manager. You will need to put the individual UPCs in the same cell on the spreadsheet in between pipes “|” Example: (12345|12346|12347) This would import three UPCs for this item.
7. Item Vendor SKU is no longer forced to be unique which means you can have the same Item Vendor SKU on multiple items.
8. This version of EVO will block access to POSIMCharge. You must be using PayStream to continue processing credit cards integrated.

Fixed in - Aug 23rd 2011

1. Labor transaction type is now being entered correctly on the invoice
2. Fixed an issue with the wrong text box opening in the Label Setup when double-clicked
3. Fixed the UPC being duplicated with duplicating an item
4. Fixed some issues with the “Tax Included” option rounding correctly
5. You can now edit the row and column on non-style items
6. With Advanced Sales Tax you can now set a Trigger Stop value to specify the dollar range that a tax percent should be charged
7. Fixed an issue where changing the tag-along item will now refresh the item price
8. Fixed the “Discount All” option when using Family Group Pricing
9. Fixed the “Sub-Total” transaction type to calculated correctly when using itemized bundles
10. The Invoice will now calculate correctly when using multiple Date to Date pricing formulas
11. Fixed an issue with the date filter on define a report
12. Add a new Discount Priority selector if you need to override how EVO will analyze what the best deal is. The new preference is located at General Prefs>Invoice>”Override Discount Precedence”
13. You can now add a footer message to the Credit Card Voucher. The preference is found in computer prefs.
14. Fixed an issue with the “On Order” showing correctly on Style Master and Bundle cards
15. The Invoice total is now showing as a column in the Advanced Search for Open, Working & Closed invoices
16. For better performance the advanced searches will not show any data until some search if performed. If you want to see all entries like before just press ‘enter’ when the search opens to show all. We also added a progress bar when the searches are happening.
17. Added a new Special Ord/Layaway panel to see more information about the deposits and balance due. Click the “Paper Airplane” on the invoice when doing a Spec Ord/Layaway to see more detailed info. The balance due also now prints on receipts and invoices
18. Fixed some issues with Zebra label printing quality and better consistency scanning
19. Added documentation for Define A Report. Click the “?” on the top of the Define A Report window
20. Refactored a background server process called “posimservices” for better reliability and performance. You will be asked to update posimservices during the upgrade process
21. You can now order a style directly from the Item Style Grid by clicking the ‘order’ button
22. The advanced searches now allow you to select more than 5000 records. When you are in an advanced search you can un-check the box that says “Limit results to 5000”
23. Fixed an issue with the barcode labels printing the actual field name if the field was empty
24. On Windows you no longer need to change the label page size in the driver when switching labels. You will just need to make sure the page size is bigger than the labels you will print.

Fixed in - July 15th 2011

1. Fixed some issues with the label setup window
2. Fixed an issue with the Margin quick key on the invoice
3. Fixed a visual issue with Voiding an invoice
4. Fixed issues with getting critical errors during simultaneous posting

Fixed in - July 12th 2011

1. Added the following filters for spot inventories; SKU, Vendor, Buyer, Mfg, Brand, Line, Category, Dept, and Misc 1-5
2. On mac the ctrl+left click will bring up a right click menu on the Purchase Order
3. You can now remove an Open PO with the tools slide out
4. You can now edit the web price on a Style Master card because that price shows on the ecommerce site
5. Made adding serialized items easier on the invoice. The cursor will be in the serial number box.
6. When you duplicate a closed invoice that has a fractional quantity it will bring the correct quantity to the new invoice
7. Modifying the closed RL will now update the item card properly
8. Price codes are now working for case lot items using the price code on the case lot tab of the item card
9. You can now un-check the “U” column on an RL for a case lot item
10. There is now a sales tax data source in define a report
11. The RL will now only print the items that are received or cancelled
12. Locked Invoices are now blocking everything so only the clerk who created it can make any changes.
13. EVO no longer allows you to sell or redeem a gift card with a blank gift card number
14. Options to choose a new blank or sample database will come up every time a database is not found
15. Fixed an issue with the invoice freezing when running reports
16. Fixed an issue on the sales report where the total percent would be over 100 when using multiple salespeople
17. When you add a new vendor to an item the vendors tab will automatically open so you can see a vendor was added
18. Fixed several issues with Date to Date pricing.
    - Family group pricing will now force “equal or lesser value” in giving discounts. For example if you do a ‘buy one, get one’ the free item will be the least expensive item.
    - The invoice should combine multiple lines together that are the same price/discount
19. Fixed some issues with multiple registers posting an invoice at the same time
20. Fixed the total on an AR batch when printing more than one page
21. Improved the speed of the customer card opening with several thousand customers
22. The restocking report now works when being filtered
23. The Current Price and Our Price is now showing the correct decimal places on the PO.
24. Fixed an issue with the printed Work Order printing with the information from the last posted invoice.
25. The Ending Tills Report now prints either ‘All Registers’ or the name of the register it was done for.
26. Sorting invoice lines with the the item Misc. fields are now working correctly.
27. The On Order column in the PO wizard is now showing the correct on order quantities for all items.
28. The Purchase Order list on the Vendor Card is now showing all purchase orders for that vendor.
29. You are now able to check the Update box when modifying a Closed Receiving Log.
30. Unit of measure now shows correctly in the advanced item lookup
31. Import manager will now accept .xlsx files
32. Using the Quick Key for Margin % on the invoice is now working.
33. Improved return to vendor.  Added buttons for transfers and return to inventory.
34. Descriptive text has been added to Import Manager for managing duplicates.
35. POSIM EVO will now run on Windows 64 bit Java
36. POs and Rec. Logs with bundled items with a description of 30+ characters now post normally.
37. Added text wrapping to barcode labels. Double click on the text box in the label designer and choose ‘wrap text’... ***This may cause issues if you have heavily customized your labels. Make sure to test labels after this update before you print a very large amount.***
38. Fixed an issue with the salesperson performance report not showing incorrect totals if you have multiple salespeople on an invoice
39. You can now print the bill to / ship to customer info on the receipt. Go to computer prefs>receipt tab.
40. Updated online manual to be more compatible with more web browsers
41. You can now export all EVO reports to excel
42. When printing ending tills EVO will now remember if you print to an invoice printer or receipt printer
43. Define-A-Report has been taken out of Beta status. You will now find it under the Reports section.*
44. You are now able to set the default message in the email window. Also, when you select the custom option, it remembers that option for editing each time. ***You will need to retype your default message.***
45. The Ship On, Expires On, and Type fields are now editable on the Working PO.
46. Pole display now updates anytime the invoice total changes
47. Sales and Returns are now showing as the memo in the gen. journal export.
48. Tax and Freight can now be added to the Working PO.
49. The invoice will not longer post to cash when pressing F12 twice
50. The credit card audit report now shows the correct decimal places
51. The Vendor ID will no longer allow you to type more than 20 characters
52. If you change the names of the "other" methods of payment options, they now will print the custom name on receipts and invoices.
53. Receipt is no longer rounding 'Qty' value for items that have more than 2 decimal values.
54. Reward coupon no longer prints when you hit "ignore".
55. “Remote Sales” has been taken out of Beta status. You will now find it under the Administration section*
*We will be providing training and updated documentation soon.

Fixed in - May 26th 2011

1. Fixed an issue where the vendor card wouldn't open if there were no vendors
2. You can now add items to the print label queue on POSIM EVO for Mac
3. Fixed an issue with opening the cash drawer on the invoice with F9 shortcut key on Mac

Fixed in - May 25th 2011

1. Fixed an issue with deposits on special orders and layaways
2. Removed the ability to print labels on the open builder because the retail price is not set until the kit is posted so it was printing 0.00 for retail on the label. You can still print labels from a closed builder.
3. Fixed an issue where you could modify a closed AR Batch
4. Fixed some cosmetic issues with the Web tab on the item card
5. Fixed an error when grouping the PO Management report
6. Added Grid Views to the following cards; Category, Vendors and Customers
7. When running an AR statement report the dates on the statement are now in chronological order.
8. Fixed an issue with discounts printing wrong on the receipt.
9. Non-Comments are no longer printing on receipts
10. The conversion from Diamond and Premier now support Layaways and Special Orders
11. Added employee privileges for Updating, Backing up, Restoring and Converting
12. Added Lock and Hold to the retail invoice
13. You can now access Quick Add with EVO Basic
14. Added a delete button to the contacts list on the customer card
15. Added the PO column to the invoice advanced search
16. The Printed Action Message and the Coupon Image for rewards will now print even if the Print Reward Balance on Invoice check box isn't checked.
17. Auto-numbering for SKU is working correctly once again in certain environments.
18. The gray text on printed documents has been darkened.
19. Added an invoice preference to choose how long the yellow change due box comes up after posting an invoice. For the new preference go to Administration>Invoice>Misc> Check “Hide Change Due after [ ? ] seconds”
20. Added a way to remove a picture from an item. Double click the image and choose remove.
21. Style members will now copy the UPC from the style master and add a .1, .2, .3 etc.
22. Items added to open or closed receiving logs will now show on the printed receiving log.
23. Fixed an issue where the incorrect price was showing for Styles on a PO & RL
24. Fixed an issue with clicking the Vendor Email link
25. Adv. Searches now show a max of 5000 lines that can be sorted numerically or alphabetically.
26. Unchecked payment types in General Preferences are no longer showing as available on the invoice.
27. "# Invoice" on best customer report under utilities is now showing the correct number of invoices within the selected date range.
28. Items added on an Open Rec. Log can now be deleted.
29. The YTD Purchases column is now working in Define a Report.
30. Reward discount limitations now look at the invoice discount along with line discounts.
31. Fixed several minor issues with the editable grid views
32. Fixed an issue on the receiving log where blank lines were being added by clicking in and out of vendor SKU. Also added item lines are now removable on all receiving logs.
33. Removed the Quick Add icon on the Working PO
34. Changed “Min Price Code” to “Min Price Formula” on the category card
35. Fixed an issue with the change due being wrong when adding multiple serial numbers on an invoice
36. You can now change the salesperson when duplicating a closed invoice
37. Added progress bars to the Physical Inventory reports and updates
38. Bundles with a positive On Hand qty are no longer showing an available qty of zero.
39. You can now group and filter on the salesperson on the sales report
40. Added “Date Created” and “Last updated” to the item advanced search
41. The advanced searches now remember the column width you last had it
42. You can now used the membership ID on the customer card to add a customer to the invoice
43. If you modify the received amount on a closed RL to less than was ordered it will ask to move the PO from Closed to Working
44. The filters on the Sales Person Performance report are now working
45. You can now import a Vendor SKU to do physical inventory
46. Made the physical inventory “Key Entry Context” window wider to show more detail
47. When you print the physical inventory Variance report it is now just showing the items that have variance
48. You can now print ending tills on your 40 column receipt printer. When you click print it will ask if you want to print on invoice paper or receipt paper.
49. Fixed the cost of an item on the physical inventory variance report when the item doesn't have history
50. Fixed some issues with the On Order report filter selections
51. Took off some vendor info from the item lookup on the invoice
52. Fixed the filters on the Sales Commission report
53. Fixed the AR deposit slip to print all the info from the AR preferences
54. You can now print labels for case lots. When you click “Print Labels” for an item that has a case lot it will ask if you want to print a singular item label or a case label.
55. You can now add an item to a transfer card by Item Vendor SKU
56. You can now click the tax and freight links on the closed invoice
57. The preference to copy the serial number to an invoice comment line is now working
58. The system will now ask for a serial number when the serialized item is being adjusted on the item card
59. The UPC column in the open and closed rec. log is now showing the correct numbers.
60. Bundle items are now updating instantly so you don’t have to scroll off and back on the item card.
61. The price entered on the invoice for bundle items is now correct without having to close and reopen the bundle item card or without having to check the Itemize on Invoice box.
62. The On Hand quantity for bundle items is now showing correctly in the Adv. Search and on POs.
63. Fixed and issue with printed the Vendor ID on the barcode label.
64. You are able to now delete a contact from a Vendor with the delete key
65. On the label designer when it says “My Company Name” it will substitute with the company name in prefs.
66. Items can no longer be added to a Working PO; this prevents them from disappearing when you receive the PO.
67. Fixed an issues with the missing items report timing out with several thousand items
68. Fixed an issue with adding a style item to a PO using quick add. It will no longer delete the style line if you don't have an order quantity.
69. The Customer Tax Exempt ID no longer appears to copy as you scroll through customers.
70. EVO Basic now has limited access to the Label Designer

Fixed in - Apr 12th 2011
  1. On the Basic Item and Event Card, in the Sales Prompt field, the "both" button now saves when you move off the card.
  2. The delete key on the keyboard now works to delete vendors from the Basic Item card.
  3. The printed item card history now prints correctly whether you print a range or the whole history.
  4. The Quick Add preference to use intelligent IDs is working correctly.
  5. The Event Card misc fields have been adjusted to the proper size.
  6. You can now un-check boxes in the Event Attendance list on the Event Card.
  7. You can now include tax on layaways and special order deposits
  8. Invoice comments on an open invoice now flow to working invoices when doing lay-aways or special orders
  9. Fixed an issue with layaways and special orders when correcting the shipping qty
  10. Fixed an issue where the balance due was incorrect on a working invoice with bundles
  11. You are now able to change the trans type on a duplicated touch screen invoice
  12. When importing physical inventory and the qty is blank EVO will assume qty is 0
  13. Physical inventory now correctly shows “Identified By” when counting bundles
  14. Under Sales>Utilities>Layaway if you double click the invoice it will pull open the working invoice
  15. If you have an item on an invoice and you change the SKU to a different item it will re-lookup the price for the new item
  16. Fixed an issue where it was charging a credit card twice if you double clicked the OK button quickly on the credit card window
  17. Fixed an issue where item vendors were doubling on style members
  18. Fixed a rare issue where the invoice discount floated to the next invoice
  19. Added salesperson info to the invoice advanced searches
  20. Decimal precision has been corrected on printed documents and the closed documents on screen.
  21. The PO Number and the Ordered Date are now auto filling on the Purchase Order as soon as other information is added.
  22. There is now a remove button for price codes and rewards codes.
  23. Customers are no longer receiving reward points when the “Use Reward Points” box is unchecked in Gen. Pref.
  24. Added a priviledge to block an employee from doing a return transaction on an invoice (Employee>Privileges>Sales Tab>Invoicing>Un-check ”Invoice - Returns”)
  25. Added a priviledge to block an employee from giving a discount on an invoice (Employee>Privileges>Sales Tab>Invoicing>Un-check ”Invoice - Discount”)
  26. Fixed a couple more issues where an open invoice was being left behind after posting
  27. Fixed the “Last Purchase” column on the customer advanced search
  28. You can now filter on the order and ship date on the PO Management Report
  29. You can now sort the lines on the open invoice. In General Prefs go to Invoice>Misc and check the box that says “Allow Sorting” then on the open invoice go to Tools>Sort Lines.
  30. Fixed several issues with the Credit Card audit report.
  31. Fixed some refreshing issues on the basic item card
  32. Fixed the EVO manual opening on a new EVO install.
  33. Fixed the invoice from allowing you to add the same event twice
  34. Fixed an error message when swiping a new credit card when a customer has a card on file
  35. Fixed an issue where the method of payment would gray out when duplicating a closed invoice
  36. Fixed an issue with the item grid view to prevent editing the Row/Column
  37. Fixed the “YTD Purchases” on Define a Report for customers
  38. Fixed an issue with the Payroll Report printout not totalling correct for benefits
  39. Added the Return on Investment (ROI) report
  40. A Credit Card Signature voucher no longer prints with Pin Debit cards
  41. You can no longer delete a layaway/special order line from a working invoice
  42. Fixed an issue with deleting an invoice line from a duplicated closed invoice
  43. Fixed some critical errors about connections being lost
  44. Added a way to auto backup POSIM EVO
    -Instructions for Mac - http://www.posim.com/support/kb/article.php?id=31
    -Instructions for Windows - http://www.posim.com/support/kb/article.php?id=30

Fixed in - Mar 17th 2011

1. To comply with Credit Card standards we added comment lines to the customer receipt with credit card approval information.
2. When creating styles, the vendor information copies over to the member style items from the master style item.
4. Date to Date Pricing invoices are now saving the correct discount percentages.
5. In the advanced search window, if you change the order of the columns they remain that way the next time you open the window.
6. If you complete a transaction with two different credit cards as the method of payment, both cards appear on the Credit Card Audit Report.
7. You can no longer delete a system default report.
8. You can now see the change given on a closed invoice. Click on the "Payments" button.
9. The extended cost now shows for incoming serial numbers.
10. Changed the sales commission report to allow grouping, exporting to excel, and added a category commission code column.
11. Fixed several conversion issues from Diamond/Premier to EVO.
12. Added a new "No Seller" report so you can see which items have not sold in a specified time period.
13. The rewards info is no longer being sent to the open invoice when you duplicate a closed invoice.
14. Fixed an issue where the cheat sheet was slow and appeared to not close itself.
15. The label printer queue now clears properly after printing labels.
16. Added a status bar to pop up when processing credit cards with PayStream.
17. You are no longer able to merge a customer onto itself which caused the customer card to be removed.
18. Cash In/Out now shows on the General Journal.

Fixed in - Feb 18th 2011

1. When duplicating items, phantom item-vendors are no longer created
2. If you require a salesperson it will bring up the message on an invoice to remind you to select a salesperson
3. If you have a customer with a Credit Card on file and you click plus button it will no longer move the Credit Card to the newly created customer

Fixed in - Feb 15th 2011

1. Added a way to pin the navigator open. Click the pin icon above the lock icon.
2. Added a section in the navigator for "Beta Features." This way we can release features a bit early and if you are curious to play with them you can.
3. A line is no longer being skipped when adding components in builder  
4. suggested sales can now be deleted from the item card if an item has suggested sales components it will now show up in an item search from PO Wizard.
5. The serial # button on the closed invoice is now working
6. When you click on the reward link from the category card the window now opens large enough
7. Fixed a cosmetic issue where the scroll bar on the touchscreen was too far to the right on windows
8. Added total to the "user definable" columns of the payroll report
9. Added the ability to search the additional description from the advance search on the item card
10. Added support for the Logic Controls PD3000 pole display
-Install instructions for Windows XP - http://www.posim.com/support/kb/article.php?id=26
-Install instructions for Windows Vista & 7 - http://www.posim.com/support/kb/article.php?id=27
-Install instructions for Mac - http://www.posim.com/support/kb/article.php?id=28
11. Fixed the date box on "Date to Date pricing" to stick
12. Fixed a rare critical error when opening General Prefs if you have privileges on
13. Fixed the case lot check box under the purchasing section in General Prefs
14. Added an "Items" button the category card so you can quickly see which items are assigned to that category
15. There is now a way to edit the cost of a style item on the closed rec. log
16. Multiple freight entries are now working
17. QuickBooks and Peachtree exports are now using Vendor Name again, not Vendor ID
18. The minimum price code on the category will default to "last cost" for new categories
19. You are now able to delete a UPC from an item card
20. If you get errors using import manager you can now export those errors into an excel spreadsheet which allow you to fix the errors and reimport
21. The reason and the cost are now showing in the Return to Vendor window
22. Fixed an issue with the Print Qty On Hand check box in the label Print Queue window
23. Merging customers no longer leaves a blank customer card behind
24. Vendor info is now copying over when you duplicate an item card
25. You can no longer discount a payment on account invoice line

Fixed in - Feb 2nd 2011

1. Fixed the Notes box to save on Events
2. Added a total to the balance column on the gift card report
3. Fixed a few places in the Style Grid view that was not saving
4. The gift card report will now show up to 30 characters of a gift card. 30 characters is the limit of a gift card.
5. Fixed a few issues with the editable grid view. On Windows you can now right click and on Mac the find/replace is working
6. Fixed the default print/email selections check boxes on the invoice payment screen
7. Fixed the received date on an RL that uses post & receive
8. The salesperson on the customer card is now being sent to the invoice if it matches an employee that is a salesperson
9. Fixed an issue with the sales report if you grouped on "posted date time"
10. Fixed a very rare issue with the sales tax report where the Non-Taxable detail doesn't match the grand total
11. Adjusted the Tools and Cheat Sheet to only open after a click
12. You can no longer add Master Style SKUs to an Event’s components window. The alternative list in Event Manager now saves all notes.
13. The gift card report and the closed invoices now reflect the same gift card Ids.
14. The On Hand Report no longer totals the average cost or our retail columns.
15. When running the Payroll Detail report in Timeclock, you now have the option to save as PDF or print the report.
16. If you duplicate an Open Invoice that has bundles, the quantities duplicate correctly and can also be modified.
17. The Timeclock Management window now allows you to edit clock entries after the employees have been sorted.
18. On the Closed AR Batch, all the buttons are grayed out so that you can not modify, or try to modify the closed document.
19. If you are editing the customer information on the invoice and select the “Update Customer Card” check box, the customer information is updated correctly on the customer card, and the invoice.
20. You are no longer able to sell gift cards if the preference is turned off.
21. There’s now an icon for the best customer report.
22. You can now print the items list on the vendor card.
23. The Clerk as Salesperson preference is working
24. Fixed a rare issue where Change Due sign wouldn't show on every invoice.
25. The pricing and quick discount fields on the item card are no longer resized due to the miscellaneous fields.
26. Fixed a rare issue where the invoice discount % floats from one invoice to another.
27. Fixed a rare issue where it was leaving behind an open invoice after posting it.
28. Fixed an issue where the retail columns on the invoice were getting smashed so you couldn't see the numbers.
29. Fixed the reward point balance print on the receipt and invoice.
30. Added a new Invoice Management Report which will show payment methods and trans types.
31. Division selection on the invoice will now stick from invoice to invoice so you don't have to set it every time.
32. Some fixes to the import manager. Added an auto-map feature, a pre-scan of item import to make sure the Vendors and Categories exist.
33.The cheat sheet will now remember whether you were viewing the Summary or Image view of the feature. The next time you open the invoice, the cheat sheet will open in whatever view was used last. This information will be saved by user.
34. Printing labels now works in Open and Closed Builder.
35. When you are printing from an open or closed invoice and you use the print button in the toolbar, EVO will remember what option you chose to print, and will automatically select that option the next time you print. The information will be saved by user.

Fixed in - Jan 12th 2011

1. Case-lot Default SKU and Default Labels are now drop down lists.
2. In Computer Prefs > Invoice Printer. The Prompt for printer is now working
3. The BCC email is now working on the invoice
4. Fixed a critical error when adding more rows or columns to a Style that has a comma in the description
5. Fixed a rare issue causing journals to be 1 penny off
6. When you make a new category the default label is now "Default"
7. You can now customize the order of the Payment Methods on the Retail and Touch screen invoice
8. Fixed a rare issue with bundles being calculated incorrectly on the invoice
9. You can now duplicate a closed Transfer
10. You can now search for reward group in the customer advanced search
11. Fixed an issue where you could modify a closed PO
12. By default new workstations have different Open and Closed Invoice IDs
13. If you uncheck use gift cards in the preferences you can no longer edit the settings
14. The Force Recalculation on ending tills should now work properly
15. The Change Due is printing correctly when you reprint an invoice
16. The Quick Search on Events is now working
17. Events now require a customer on the invoice and it will ask if you want that customer to be added to the attendee list
18. You can now print a Quote, Work Order, Packing Slip and Picking ticket on a receipt printer from both Open and Closed Invoice
19. General Journal for MYOB now exported with a .txt extension
20. You can now easily demo Basic, Core or Pro without authorization
21. The Vendor import is now more reliable if you have a very large import
22. Vendor Card: It now only lets you type 20 characters in the Misc. fields on the contact profile window, instead of giving a critical error when you type more than 20 characters
23. Item Card > Case Lot Tab > when there are multiple case lots for one item, it will now let you delete a case lot.
24. Item Card > Vendor information is being saved on all item cards, including item cards that were duplicated.
25. Label Designer > black buttons at top are no longer blank, they now have icons
26. Item Card > MSRP is no longer being randomly added
27. Open RCV Log > Instead of "Receive with SKU" the icon now says "Receive with Scan"
28. Open PO > the ordered date now defaults to today's date
29. On all the Invoices, the default focus field goes to the first entry in the tab order.
30. The wild card search in the Advanced Search window will default to “All.”
31. The Reorder Report now works when it is filtered.
32. Styles have been slightly redesigned to be easier and more user friendly.
- To create a style, you will now select the “Convert to Style” button in the tool bar.
- There are now buttons at the top of style master cards that allow you to open the style grid, or takes you to the member cards.
- You can now print style member labels from the master card
- You can now do adjustments for the member cards from the master card
33. There is no longer a gift card transaction type in the drop down list.
34. On the Open Invoice, when adding comments, you are now able to use the short cut Ctrl+j and a window will open allowing you to type all the comments you need. When the window closes, the comments will be added to the invoice.
35. In the Utilities tab in the Navigator, the Best Customer Report, Customer Reward History, and the Item Reward History features have all been given icons.
36. You can now reprint credit card vouchers from a Closed Invoice.
37. You no longer receive a critical error message when searching within the label print queue for an item that has a negative on hand.
38. If in General Preferences you select to not have the reward balance print on receipts, it will not print. Also, if you are not using rewards at all, you will never see any reward balances on receipts.
39. In the physical inventory window, the actual count and the missing items numbers are now calculated with the same equation.
40. The division prefs for Invoices are now working
41. Fixed an issue with Quickbooks purchase journal export and the TRNS line.
42. The Gift Card balance now prints on receipts
43. You can now add items to a closed RL by Vendor SKU
44. Dynamic Management Report now includes Mark Down % and Mark Up %
45. The Manufacturer is now a drop down list on the item card
46. Fixed a critical error doing automatic drop ships
47. Fixed a critical error withdrawing an event attendee
48. Added the restocking report
49. Fixed an issue with returning a bundle item
50. Fixed an issue with the on hand report where item show twice when grouping
51. Redesigned Sales Tax Report

Fixed in - Dec 6th 2010

1. You can now use the ranges on the Sales Report to narrow your search.
2. The feature “Timeclock” now has consistent naming.
3. When printing a receipt, the numbers under the barcode are no longer getting cut off.
4. If you check the box “Include With” in the advanced sales tax window, and then switch to simple sales tax, the sales tax is calculating correctly.
5. The Basic and Core versions no longer have access to the On Account method of payment in the Open Invoice.
6. On the Item Card, under the Web tab, the Title field now holds up to 100 characters.
7. On the Vendor Card, the vendor info automatically copies into the contact information window.
8. When editing Last Cost and Average Cost on the Item Card, both numbers are updating correctly and you do not have to go off and back on the screen to see the changes.
9. When you select the Print Labels button on the Item Card, the cursor defaults to the “copies” field.
10. You are no longer able to enter quantities and prices on the Open Invoice without an item SKU.
11. The tab order has been fixed on the vendor card.
12.  You can now view current on hand numbers using Define a Report.
13. You can now print labels for partially received orders from the Closed Receiving Log.
14. When discounting items in the Open Invoice, if you use the quick key (-) to discount, you can now add an additional discount, or add a brand new discount to the item.
15. When you duplicate an item with case lots, the case lot information no longer duplicates.
16. When doing a return for bundled items, the history is reporting correctly on the Customer Card and the Item Card.
17. When running the reorder report, you can now uncheck the “Show Group Detail” box, and the report runs with no errors.
18. Windows Reorder Reports are now reporting numbers correctly.
19. You can now import fax numbers for customers.
20. If an employee forgets to clock out for lunch, or is missing clock in/out entries in the middle of the day, but has already clocked out for the day, you can now go in and add those clock in/out entries.
21. In the style grid, if you add a new column, or rename a column, the character limit is now twenty characters.
22. You can no longer create one dimensional styles.
23. You can now print labels using the “partial printing” feature.
24. You can now do physical inventory  imports without the “Location” and “Who” columns. It also now imports when saved in .xls format.
25. The sales tax report is now calculating different tax levels correctly.
26. The Basic and Core products no longer show the “On Account” method of payment in the Open Invoice, nor can you view any Accounts Receivable Reports.
27. When a Purchase Order is printed, you see the Vendor Name instead of the Vendor ID, and you now have an area with the Vendor's company phone number, fax number, and email address.

Fixed in

1. The miscellaneous transaction type is now charging tax correctly and reporting correctly on tills and reports.
2. There are now check boxes for simple sales tax for whether you want to charge tax on freight and miscellaneous items.
3. The On Order Report is now working perfectly.
4. You can now modify Sales Tax in a Closed Receiving Log.
5. If you enter an unknown item into an Open Purchase Order, you no longer receive a critical error.

Fixed in

1. When adding an attendee to an Event in the Open Invoice, the phone number is no longer duplicated in the line below the attendee.
2. In the General Journal exports, the over/short number is now appearing and is correct.
3. When you export the General Journal for Quick Books, the cash number is now correct and the report is balancing.

Fixed in

1. You can no longer edit the quantity of an event in the Open Invoice by using the quick key. The only way to change the quantity for an event is to add attendees.
2. The price code levels now default to Our Retail instead of Last Cost.
3. You can now print and save PDF forms of picking tickets and packing slips without error.
4. On the touch screen invoice, the keyboard no longer automatically pops up every time you open a window. It will only open when you are performing an action that requires typing.
5. General Preferences now opens much faster.

Fixed in

1. In the touch screen invoice, the magnifying glass that is used to look up items is now farther away from the transaction type button. This will make it much easier to look up items.
2. When you print a Working Purchase Order, the vendor contact information now prints.
3. In the label queue, you now have the ability to delete a line using the short cut command + (-).
4. In the label queue, you have the ability to select a check box called “On Hand Value” and it will change the default from printing one, to printing the number on hand for the item.
5. In the label queue, you now have the ability to manually entering a SKU to the list.
6. In the label queue, you can now clear all the items in the queue by selecting “clear all.”
7. If you create a special order or layaway and add comment lines, those comments now appear in the Working Invoice.
8. You can now run the Sales Tax Report with or without detail.

Fixed in

1. The Sales Tax Report is now showing accurate numbers.
2. Special Orders are reporting correctly in the Ending Tills.
3. You can now select a computer in the cash in and out window.
4. In an Event Card, you can now select the “Both” button to have a sales prompt and comment lines.
5. All the links work in the Basic Item Card.
6. There is no longer a way to set a tills cut off time. This will now automatically default to midnight.
7. The Salesperson Performance Report is now showing accurate numbers.
8. When scanning using the cutting table solution, the item and quantity are entered correctly.
9. The Special Order and Layaway buttons have been cleaned up and simplified in the Retail and Touch Screen Invoice. You can now see the Remaining Total, Available Deposit and Balance Due in the slide out bar in these two invoices.
10. In the Touch Screen Invoice, when you change the transaction type to Comment, the “Enter a Comment” window opens along with the number pad and the keyboard.
11. When importing items, you can now import Vendor SKUs that have 20 or less characters.
12. When running a report, the report parameters window no longer disappears behind the report selection window.
13. If you go to General Preferences , Workstations, the workstation you are currently working on will be highlighted blue.
14. When using the quantity quick key, if you are using fractional quantities, you can now enter fractions and POSIM will do the math for you. For example, if you enter  2 3/8, POSIM will enter 2.375.
15. When setting up the email smtp preferences on the Employee Card, when you test the connection, there is now a progress bar and the wait time is very short.
16. When making an adjustment on the item card, there are now shipped by and received by fields in the adjustment window. After the adjustment has been made, if you go to the Closed Transfer, the clerk field will be automatically filled with the clerk who was logged in at the time of adjustment.
17. When a person is authorized for Basic, they are now blocked out from all Core and Pro features.
18. You can now authorize using an end date.
19. You can no longer delete a Working Invoice.
20. If there are multiple salespersons on an Open Invoice, when the Invoice prints, it will only list the first salesperson.
21. If you change information on the item card for an item that is in an existing Open Purchase Order, the Purchase Order information will update with the new item card information. The only field that does not update the Purchase Order is the Vendor Cost.
22. There is now a button in the tool bar located on the Item Card that will allow you to change Last Cost and Average Cost.
23. When you order items by case lots, and then cancel the case lots in the receiving log, the item card’s On Order window is now showing accurate numbers.
24. The vendor cost can now have more than two decimal places on the Item Card.
25. If you allocate the Receiving Log freight by cost, you no longer get an error message saying you need to allocate in order to post the Receiving Log.
26. The purchasing journals are importing correctly into MYOB accounting packages.

Fixed in

1. In the Style Grid, the description will default to include Row and Column.
2. When entering style items into an Open Invoice, it now enters only the items selected in the style grid.
3. When printing from the Item Card history tab, selecting the date from the calendar is now possible.
4. On an Open Purchase Order, the P.O. Comments show from the Vendor Card.
5. All the links on the Basic Item Card work.
6. When you create a new Item Card by duplicating an existing Item Card, a new UPC is assigned to the newly created item.
7. UPC is now an option as a field on the Barcode Label.
8. When downloading the sample database for the first time, username and password automatically populate with “admin, admin.”
9. On Macs, the Reorder Report is now correct.
10. In an Open Invoice, if you use the quick key to change the transaction type to Return to Vendor, it now asks you for a reason.
11. On the Item Card in the Style Grid, Last Cost and Average Cost no longer seem editable.
12. The fields available on the Barcode Label now better match the fields on the Item Card.
13. In Physical Inventory, if you enter a Parent Style SKU in the Key Entry window, it will not actually count the item in the Actual Count window. You must enter Style Member SKUs for the counts to go through.

Fixed in

1. Mac > Item Card > History Tab > Print Button > the Calendar now opens in front of the window instead of in behind it.

2. Labels are now printing more clearly on a Mac.

3. When entering values into the PO quantity on the PO Wizard, it now will hold all of the values.

4. An amount of -0.01 no longer shows in the invoice when a customer with a price code level is added to the invoice.

5. When entering a parent style item with a lot of rows into the open invoice, the style grid that opens now has a scroll bar.

6. The Sales Reports Tab has been removed from the basic item card.

7. When you Void an invoice with a Gift Card, it will now credit back the Gift Card.

8. There is now a quick key (F9) to manually open the cash drawer from the invoice. There is also a new employee privilege for this.

Fixed in

1. The message saying "Some labels could not be printed because they do not have Labels assigned to them" now only comes up if NONE is in the label queue.

2. The Reward Balance is printing on the receipt and invoice.

3. The "Default Item Reward Code" is now "Default Reward Code"on the category card.

4. The numbering on the printed invoice/work order is now correct.

5. Unidentified Items now show their location in Physical Inventory.So when you open the Unidentified Items Report and the Key Entry context comes up you can see the item entered before and after the Unidentified Item.

6. POs are no longer doubling in the PO Wizard.

7. The PO Wizard will now let you change the Vendor ID via drop-down menu.

8. You will now receive a warning message if you click Pay on a Working Invoice without entering any quantities or haveing a balance to be paid.

9. When doing an import for just SKU and UPC, the error log no longer opens saying the item description wasn't specified.

10. When you sale a style item on the Invoice, you will now just get a simple picker that accepts a one-click member selection. No qty option, just one click and one qty on invoice added.

11. When you enter a style item on a PO the style grid will open allowing you to select the style member. If you only have a total quantity of one in the style grid, then it will now only add that one line, instead of 2.

12. The Category Card now has a radio button for Taxable and Non-Taxable. If taxable is chosen, then a list of tax groups appears.

13. The Our Retail field no longer has extra zeros on the printed label.

14. The show Detail checkbox is now tied to the Grouping section in the Reports window. So if there are no grouping options, the Show Detail will be grayed out.

15. The Working Invoice now displays Remaining Order Total, Available Deposit, and the Balance Due.

16. The Scan Receive window in the Open Rec. Log has been simplified.

17. If someone is doing an exchange (same item in, same item out) you can now post even if the total is zero and you have the "Price Cannot Be Zero" preference checked.

18. The case lot UPC can now be scanned into an invoice, receiving log, PO, and transfer.

19. A credit card voucher is no longer printing for each credit card transaction, unless you are using PosimCharge and have the preferences set to print a voucher.

Fixes for

1. If you change the trasaction type for one line then click on the trasaction type of another line it no longer changes the second line (and any line clicked after that...third, forth, etc) to whatever you changed the first one to.

2. The Rental transaction type is now hidden on the invoice.

3. You can now see the version number on the authorization screen.

4. When you click the red (x) to close General Preferences, a message opens asking if you want to save or cancel.

5. If the first item on the invoice was anything non-editable (such as an Event) it wouldn't let you edit the quantity of any editable item added to the invoice after. This is now fixed.

6. Anytime you go to the navigator to open a new card, it now automatically saves any cards that are open.

7. New Quick Keys: F9 = Open Cash Drawer (has employee privilege)
                  Ctrl J = Insert Comment

   Fixed Quick Keys: The Delete All (Shift Delete) now all lines regardless of which line is selected.
                   Ctrl F1 = Other 1 Payment method is now working on all invoices

8. Whenever item 2901 (PosimLive) is on an invoice, the printed invoice no longer shows the amount for this item down by the freight.

9. When adjusting inventory, there is now a warning message if you didn't enter a cost.

10. Ending Tills can now be ran By Computer.

Fixes in :
1. PO > Discount Window > there are now radial buttons that allow you to select either "All Lines" or "Selected Line" but not both.
2. The Print option has been removed from the Employee Card to prevent errors.
3. The Report Criteria window, by default, is now strecthed out so the grouping section shows better.
4. Date to Date Pricing > the "Delete" button on bottom is now "Delete All" because it removes all the items from the table.
5. Events can no longer be duplicated.
6. The Turn Ratio Report window now has a from and to date for the Current Period and a from and to date for the Comparitive Period.
7. Vendor Card > Vendor URL and Email link are now working.
8. If the page template is longer than the field, it now shows the beginning of the name instead of the end.
9. Ending Tills no longer counts both the bundle and the components of the bundle.
10. When an invoice discount is given on the Order Entry or Retail invoices, the correct information is now showing on the printed invoices.
11. Admission is no longer an available transaction type on the invoices.
12. On receipts with no special order or layaways, totals of remaining order, remaining deposit, and remaining balance due are no longer printing when the layaway message in computer preferences is not checked.
13. The prior day's drawer amount is carrying over if there is a day that was skipped from running Ending Tills.
14. When running a previous days tills again, if you do not check the force recalculation check box, a window asking if you want to recalculate no longer opens.
15. The Funds from Sales number in Ending Tills is now correct.
16. When going from Pro and then being authorized for Core, the user no longer has access to the Order Entry invoice.
17. The layway message is now printing on receipts and invoices. - Product Reaches "Release Candidate" status - FIXED - Birthday field saves in Customer Contact window. - FIXED - Contacts can now be deleted from customer card. - FIXED - Reward points are reversed when invoice is voided. - FIXED - "This tax group is in use. Do you still want to remove it?" message doesn't open everytime Advanced Sale Tax is opened, but opens when you try to delete a tax group that is being used. - FIXED - Gift card Balance in now in Sales > Utilities and General Journal, Purchase Journal, and Define a Report are not in the reports section in the Navigator. - FIXED - On Mac, you now use the shift key to select multiple items on the Grid Item Card instead of the control key since the control key is the right click for the Mac. - FIXED - The Actual Deposit on Ending Tills no longer includes any change that was given back to the customer. - FIXED - When you click on Load Items on the PO, the cursor activates in the search box. - FIXED - All "VOID" Closed Invoices no longer get a warning that says the items are below the minimum price. - FIXED - When you change computer preferences to print invoices, you no longer have to close and reopen the program before changes take effect. - FIXED - The UPC is no longer being reassigned as you scroll across items. - FIXED - On the Item Card, the Current Price will now always change to match the Our Retail. - FIXED - Duplicate reports have been removed from the reports section. - FIXED - The past due boxes have been fixed on the AR Statement. - FIXED - If the SKU being imported is longer than 20 characters, the import just skips the line and shows error instead of cutting the SKU off. - FIXED - When a Misc. transaction type is entered on an invoice, the quantity is blank instead of zero. - FIXED - On the Turn Ratio Report, the ratio columns now say "Current Turn Ratio" and "Comparative Turn Ratio" instead of "Per 1 Turn Ratio" and "Per 2 Turn Ratio".      - FIXED - Small issue with item pictures not showing on the touch screen invoice - FIXED - Issue where a newly created bundle is showing $0 on label sticker - FIXED - Cash drawer error message on Windows and Mac - FIXED - Employee info transferring to sample database - - All initial release features programmed and all known show-stopper alpha and beta bugs fixed.

Article ID: 32
Created On: Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 11:32 AM
Last Updated On: Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 9:01 PM

Online URL: http://www.posim.com/support/kb/article.php?id=32