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POSIM’s full integration with Magento adds a level of sophistication most retailers won’t find with their point of sale system.


E-commerce Integration

The POSIM e-commerce integration, is an advanced interface between our point of sale software and Magento e-commerce, both simplifying the launch and ongoing maintenance. This integration syncs data between POSIM and the Magento site – keeping inventory up-to-date without the duplication of effort.

Why Magento E-commerce?

Magento is the most widely-used e-commerce platform for small to medium-sized businesses. POSIM’s e-commerce integration provides a “best of both worlds” scenario, combining the robust features of POSIM’s point of sale software with the leading e-commerce provider: Magento.

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Custom Websites

Interested in designing a custom site? While this option may be more expensive than choosing a customizable template, many retailers find working directly with a web developer to build their dream site to be well-worth the initial cost.

By working with a Magento web developer, there is a whole universe of site options, plug-ins and capabilities at your fingertips. While a custom site may seem like the perfect option, we do caution our customers to ensure that a custom site is well within their budget.

For more information and a custom quote, contact the POSIM sales team.