How to Set Up on Magento

This article will cover how to set up as a payment method in Magento. The following guide assumes you have an account with If you do not, one can be created by clicking here. For questions or assistance with setting up a payment method, please contact or call 801-546-1616 to speak with a tech support representative.  

After logging into the Magento Admin Panel, select System from the bar at the top, then choose Configuration

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Scroll down the left side of the page and look for the Sales section. Select Payment Methods from the list.

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Under the heading labeled “Merchant Location”, select the merchant country for the store from the drop-down list at the top of the page. Then scroll down and expand the selection that says “”.

(Note: Direct Post requires that you create a Merchant MD5. (AIM) sends the credit card information through your site, then to, while Direct Post (DPM) sends the information directly to

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This is where the information received from will be entered. In order for to work through Magento, the following settings will need to be fulfilled:

  • API Login ID
  • Merchant’s E-mail
  • Transaction Key
  • Merchant MD5 (Also called MD5 Hash, only required for Direct Post)

Other Settings

The following are other settings configurable through the Payment Methods screen

Enabled: This will toggle the Payment Method On or Off

Payment Action: Authorize Only will ensure the funds are available before sending the payment to Authorize and Capture will place a hold on the funds until the payment is completed.

Test Mode: Enables/Disables test mode. Enabling test mode can be used to see if charges reach, but the payments will not actually be charged unless Test Mode is disabled

Debug: Having Debug turned on will enable logging to /var/log/payment_authorizenet.log

Gateway URL: This is the location of’s gateway, and should be setup in Magento by default. The live gateway is:

Payment Update URL: This is also set up in Magento by default. The default is

Accepted Currency: The currency being processed can be set up here.

Email Customer: Enabling this will send notifications to customers about their charges from Note that this is not the same as transactional emails.

Merchant’s Email: will send e-mail notifications to the address provided here whenever a payment is made

Credit Card Types: The types of cards accepted through the site can be selected here

Credit card Verification: Enabling this will require the customer to input the security card of their card when making a purchase through the site.

Payment from Specific Countries: Countries, where payments are allowed to be taken, can be defined here.

Minimum Order Total and Maximum Order Total can be used to set the least or most amount of money allowed to be charged for orders.