Payment Processing

Accept Card Payments

Process transactions quickly and securely through your POS system. Integrated credit card payment processing provides fast, error-free credit card processing and connects your point of sale software with the processor of your choice.

Eliminate transposition errors by clerks


No need for separate machine


Eliminate reconciliation errors at end day


Faster checkout times

Accept the Latest Trends

Contactless payments are all the rage, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet. Accepting these mobile payments has never been easier and keeps those checkout lines moving.

EMV-ready Terminals

Keep your business and shoppers safe from fraud with our EMV-capable devices. POSIM helps customers prepare for the EMV liability shift and up-to-date with the latest payments industry news.

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Simplify Payment Processing

Take payments with ease, however your shoppers choose to pay. Accept cash, check, gift cards, debit or credit cards. From split payments, partial payments, integrated POS software payments or deposits – customers can pay on accounts with POSIM’s easy payment processing.


We Recommend National Merchant Alliance

National Merchant Alliance (NMA) offers competitive pricing, reduced payment gateway costs and a professional, knowledgeable support team. Customers all over the nation process billions of dollars of credit card payments with NMA as their chosen provider. And POSIM receives consistent, favorable feedback from our customers regarding NMA’s pricing, service and support.

Choosing a partner in the payment processing industry is a big decision—one that we don’t take lightly. POSIM users are free to use the credit card processor of their choice, however if you would like chip-enabled integrated processing then you must select our preferred partner NMA.

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Get in touch with our friends at NMA to explore your options (and mention you’re a POSIM customer)
Want to learn more about integrated payments and point of sale systems? Speak to a POSIM Sales Rep.